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2017 Results

The 2017 Travellers Series consists of 6 events with 4 to count. With just 2 events under our belts so far, it's all to play for.

Sail No.HelmClub Leigh & Lowton Bala
456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton2351
440Paul NixGlossop1782
458Kevin ClarkDelph3693
455Kathryn ClarkDelph4594
436Peter FiskLlandudno59145
459Christian SmartPembrokeshire YC1286
438Ross PrytherchPembrokeshire YC2297
450Sam DavyHykeham4318
402Richard HorovitzLlandudno6339
415Jonathan SwiftPembrokeshire YC83510

Bala Inlands

As a warm up several of the Solution fleet entered the inaugural Bala Grand Prix on the Bank Holiday Saturday, and by late afternoon were treated to a full on F5/6 windward leeward course the full length of the lake. Several of the other classes turned back, but Kevin and Martin completed two laps at what was a great fun event. Within the Solution fleet, the finishing order was Kevin, Martin and Ross.

Nine Solutions entered the two day Inlands which started on Sunday. The race officer wisely postponed the start on a sunny but still morning, allowing time for boat bimbling, hangover cures to kick in, and a chat with those who wished they still had a Solution. However, as is often the case at Bala, an hour or two later the conditions had changed significantly and following an early lunch an easterly force 3 blew in for 3 back to back races.

The long first beat back towards the clubhouse proved to be key in all the races, setting the pecking order with fewer changes on the off-wind legs. In race 1 after the usual clean start, Christian was first to the windward mark, followed by Ross, who's sense of direction up the beat was far better than his ability to get back from the pub to the camp-site after a few beers. Paul, Martin and Sam rounded in quick succession followed by the remaining pack. Paul had just flown back from a week's yachting in the Canaries and without a crew to assist, mistakes were made allowing Sam to slip past both Martin and Paul, and Paul fell back behind Martin and Kathryn. Peter got the better of Kevin to come home just behind Paul.

Race 2 and the majority of the fleet went right up the first beat but Martin, with Kevin in tow, went left and this proved to be the better option. Martin rounded first, with Christian coming in from the right. Martin held the lead for the remainder of the first lap, before Christian gained the lead on the second beat, and the leading positions remained unchanged, with the ever consistent Sam in third and Kevin fourth.

The wind had swung further left and by Race 3 the start line had a slight port bias. Kathryn and Christian took advantage of this and were both "on" the line as the gun went, with Christian looping back just to be safe. The wind held out and by the end of the one lap race it was the usual suspects at the front, led by Christian and Ross. Paul "Basher" lived up to his reputation and anchored himself and Kevin to the leeward mark, allowing some last minute place changes in the tricky beat up to the finish gate. Newcomer Jonathan "Swifty" lived up to his name and improved throughout the day to finish 6th in the final race.

Bank Holiday Monday dawned after an evening of curry and beer in the clubhouse and heavy rain for those camping. Unfortunately the wind never filled in and by early afternoon it was mutually agreed to abandon sailing with just Sunday's 3 races to count. The Pembrokeshire duo took first and second, with Martin nipping third after a discard from the ever consistent Sam.

Thanks to Bala SC for being great hosts as ever.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1459Christian SmartPembrokeshire YC2
2438Ross PrytherchPembrokeshire YC4
3456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton6
4450Sam DavyHykeham6
5455Kathryn ClarkDelph10
6458Kevin ClarkDelph11
7440Paul NixGlossop SC12
8415Jonathan SwiftPembrokeshire YC13
9436Peter FiskLlandudno15

Report: Martin Tubb
Photos: John Hunter Bala SC

Solutions at Bala
Solutions at Bala
Solutions at Bala
Solutions at Bala
Solutions at Bala
Solutions at Bala

Leigh and Lowton

The Solution Travellers Trophy series kicked off at Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club on 22 April 2017. The club laid on more wind than the met office forecast and wall-to-wall sunshine to start the series in fine style. Local boy Martin Tubb led the fleet round the course for the first lap of the first race before doing the gentlemanly thing and handing the lead-boat role to Paul Nix. Paul hung onto first for the rest of the race while Kathryn Clark made the best of the shifts to work through to 2nd. Kevin Clark wasn’t going to let another man come between him and his wife and pushed Martin back to 4th in a photo finish. Peter Fisk fought off man-flu to hang onto 5th place while Richard Horovitz made the most of being at only his second open meeting by keeping the rest of the fleet in front where he could see what they were doing to learn from them.

The second race started in much the same vein but this time Martin was able to hang onto the lead. Kevin Clark snuck through to take 2nd place and with Paul Nix relegated to 3rd, it left the overnight positions too close to call.

Sunday dawned just as sunny but with lighter and shiftier winds than Saturday. The Llandudno pair were unable to join in for the second day leaving the leading four to battle things out. Paul dominated the first two races which gave him the overall win before Kevin Clark took advantage of the increasing wind and port-biased start line to get a bullet in the last race and third overall.

Thanks as ever to Paul Hargreaves for the excellent photography.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1440Paul NixGlossop SC6
2456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton7
3458Kevin ClarkDelph9
4455Kathryn ClarkDelph12
5436Peter FiskLlandudno24
6402Richard HorovitzLlandudno26

Report: Kathryn Clark
Photos: Paul Hargreaves

Solutions at Leigh and Lowton
Solutions at Leigh and Lowton
Solutions at Leigh and Lowton
Solutions at Leigh and Lowton