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2014 Results

The 2014 Travellers Series consisted of 8 events with 5 to count, at least one of which had to be the Inlands(Bala), Nationals(Tynemouth) or Ovington Championships(Grafham).

Nathan was the only sailor to string together two wins. Although never hitting top spot, Martin's string of top 5 places, including 2nd at the Inlands was enough to take the travellers series, with Kathryn doing just enough to take second from Arthur.

The series started with a good breeze on the opening day at Leigh and Lowton, but then became a series of predominantly light wind affairs, with the exception of Saturday at Grafham being the sting in the tail. 15 helms took part in at least 2 events, the highest ever turnout.

Sail No.HelmClub Leigh &
Oxford Bala
Blithfield Tynemouth
Redditch Hickling
Grafham Water
Ovi Champs
446Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton482253161
435Kathryn HayfieldDelph6464918212
448Arthur ThaineHickling Broad7635132233
437Mark CrowtherRedditch3121027344
455Kevin ClarkDelph14114385
454Nathan BatchelorTynemouth211406
415Sam DavyHykeham132427
436Peter FiskLlandudno51038448
451Paul HargreavesBurwain2116559
392Mike GowerHickling Broad156010
424Julian HinesNetley71266111
440John MorrisonRhosneigr386512
449Karl MilfordSouth Shields576613
410Niall GrahamSouth Shields946714
452Ian WalkerSaltash876915
422Christian SmartPembrokeshire YC17316
453Mike TruemanOxford17316
422Ian MartinSouth Shields27418
438Ross PrytherchPembrokeshire YC37519
443Tim PercivalHickling Broad37519
428Mitchell CampbellFelpham57721
444Alun GriffithsOxford98122
434Paul WelshBala138523
Sail No.HelmClub Leigh &
Oxford Bala
Blithfield Tynemouth
Redditch Hickling
Grafham Water

Grafham Water

Grafham Water hosted an excellent event, with 8 Solutions attending. The forecast was for the wind to increase on Saturday, and sure enough it did, gusting 30 knots ++.

Saturday was a survival day, with some big squalls and poor visibility. A couple of sailors decided that spectating from the shore was more fun and I think most of the fleet had a dip at some stage.

Christian Smart, previously Blaze National champion borrowed 422 and put it to good effect. He broke away to take a good lead on the first race, and was consistent throughout the day with 2 firsts, and a second. Kevin Clarke (455) second in the firstand third race and first in the second race, Ross Prytherch (438) continued to have thirds.

After a hard day on the water, the Soutions came second at the inter class quiz between the different Ovington classes.

On Sunday as people arrived the lake was like glass, one extreme to another, we started the first race in less than 5 knots, most boats being tangled up in the club racers! 2 races were completed.

Thanks to Grafham and Ovingtons for an excellent weekend enjoyed by all.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1422Christian SmartPembrokeshire Yacht Club5
2415Sam DavyHykeham12
3438Ross PrytherchPembrokeshire Yacht Club12
4455Kevin ClarkDelph14
5392Mike GowerHickling Broad14
6424Julian HinesNetley23
7437Mark CrowtherRedditch29
8435Kathryn HayfieldDelph36

Report: Ross Prytherch Photos: Ovingtons

Solutions at Grafham Sailing Club
Solutions at Grafham Sailing Club
Solutions at Grafham Sailing Club

Hickling Broad

There was a gentle breeze from the south west across the Broad to welcome the Solution fleet to the Open meeting held with the Phantoms.

At the start Mike Gower broke away and had a good lead by the windward mark which he held to the end of the race. Tim Percival was in second with Arthur Thaine using all his skill and technique to try and catch him but to no avail with those positions held until the end.

Second race and the course had been skewed slightly as the wind moved a bit more westerly. Mike was first away again off the line but this time the positions behind were reversed with Arthur getting the place over Tim.

Third race and all the boats were much closer at the start with Tim and Arthur nipping at Mike's heels. Mike managed to get clear at the windward mark leaving Tim and Arthur battling it out for second place. Arthur caught Tim on the second beat but at the mark Tim managed to get his nose out front again. However on the long run back down the Broad, Arthur's patience paid off and he succeeded in slipping past Tim to get the second place.

Arriving on Sunday morning there was barely a breath of wind as the early morning mist gradually cleared away. The forecast promised a breeze around midday from the east but this never materialised so in the end racing was abandoned for the day.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1392Mike GowerHickling Broad3
2448Arthur ThaineHickling Broad7
3443Tim PercivalHickling Broad8

Report: Mike Gower


Round 6 of the Solution Travellers series took place at Redditch on Saturday 20th September. The very light winds deterred some, but local sailor Mark Crowther was joined by Kathryn Hayfield and Martin Tubb for 6 races.

3 short races were run before lunch, each being 2 laps of a windward leeward course with 2 bottom marks to spice things up a little. Kathryn posted 2 firsts with Mark just behind, but in the third race Mark played the wind shifts to score the win, with Martin pushing Kathryn into third by a boat length.

After a substantial and excellent lunch, the afternoon races were on a triangle course. Kathryn and Mark posted a win apiece in races 4 and 5. The wind then picked up for the final race and Martin found his form to post a win.

With 2 discards and 4 races to count, Kathryn was the overall winner on count back, making for a great result on her birthday.

Thanks go to Redditch Sailing Club and the race officer for running an enjoyable event.

Solutions at Redditch Sailing Club
PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1435Kathryn HayfieldDelph6
2437Mark CrowtherRedditch6
3446Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton8

Report: Martin Tubb. Photos: Redditch SC


9 Solutions made their way to Tynemouth Sailing Club to join the 4 local boats for the 2014 Solution National Championship. 8 boats took part in some sneaky race training given by Nathan Batchelor on Friday 18 July in some great conditions and gave those on shore some entertainment watching pond sailors fail to deal with the surf on their way back ashore leading to a few capsized boats.

Saturday started with a trip to the Ovington Boats factory to see how these great boats are made. The weather was not playing and a thick sea fog meant that racing was kept to inside the harbour. After a wait for shipping traffic to pass out the way, racing got underway with a strong current going out of the harbour and 5 knots of wind. A triangle course was laid and local sailor Ian Martin was first to the top mark with Sam Davy close on his heels and Nathan Batchelor following. A long leg against the tide across the harbour was hard going and by the time they all got to the 2nd mark, Nathan had taken the lead with Ian in 2nd and Sam in 3rd after they went a bit too close to the harbour wall and got caught in the wind shadow. The top 3 held these positions until the end. The rest of the fleet had a good old merry-go-round of positions with everyone getting the hang of the challenging conditions. Martin Tubb's capsize and swim at the bottom mark provided the best entertainment of the race. As the boats approached the finish, the wind dropped right off and with another ship due in, it was decided to call it a day and hope for better sailing on Sunday. A better forecast and the chance to be out at a sea had a big appeal.

Saturday night's entertainment was provided by local sailor Karl Milford and his band.

As Sunday dawned, the weather was clear with 6 knots of breeze allowing the racing to take place in the North Bay outside the harbour. Nathan took the lead at the first mark. Ian and Sam battled down the 2nd leg with Ian pushing Sam out at the 2nd mark to round ahead and again those positions stayed the same to the end.

In the 3rd race, Ian was too keen at the start and was called back. Niall Graham rounded the first mark in the lead, and he and Nathan battled all the way round. Nathan pipped Niall at the line to take all 3 race wins. Sam came in 3rd after a little cool-down swim on the run.

Thanks must go to Harken as their generous sponsorship meant that there were prizes for everyone in the fleet. Thanks are also owed to Tynemouth SC and the race team for putting on a great event and managing to get in 3 races in difficult conditions, to Ovington Boats for opening up the factory for Saturday's tour and to Karl Milford for getting off the water and straight behind the microphone to keep us entertained all evening.

The Ted Funnell Memorial Cup was won by Karl Milford for finishing mid fleet.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1454Nathan BatchelorTynemouth2
2422Ian MartinSouth Shields4
3415Sam DavyHykeham6
4410Niall GrahamSouth Shields8
5446Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton10
6451Paul HargreavesBurwain10
7449Karl MilfordSouth Shields10
8436Peter FiskLlandudno13
9435Kathryn HayfieldDelph16
10437Mark CrowtherRedditch18
11455Kevin ClarkDelph20
12424Julian HinesNetley26
13448Arthur ThaineHickling Broad28

Report: Sam Davy. Photos: Timothy Olin Tynemouth SC

Solutions at Tynemouth Sailing Club
Solutions at Tynemouth Sailing Club
Solutions at Tynemouth Sailing Club
Solutions at Tynemouth Sailing Club
Solutions at Tynemouth Sailing Club
Solutions at Tynemouth Sailing Club
Solutions at Tynemouth Sailing Club
Solutions at Tynemouth Sailing Club


Well five Solutions turned up at Blithfield to contest the next event in the series, the weather looked set to be fair for a good days racing, the sun was shinning and a good breeze was blowing across the reservoir.

The Solutions followed the Phantoms over the start line separated by two minutes, it was fairly closely contested up to the windward mark with Martin and Arthur taking an early lead followed by Sam, after Arthur capsized and Martin touched the next mark this let Sam through; Kathryn and Peter were having their own race at the back and did not bother the other three. It finally ended up with Sam taking line honours followed by Martin and Arthur.

After a leisurely lunch it was back out for race 2 by which time the wind god started blowing a good bit harder making for some serious hiking up the beat and some interesting downwind legs. Again Sam, Martin and Arthur were off to a good start closely followed by Kathryn and Peter, Kathryn got a great lift up the first beat and sneaked into second place by the windward mark. Kathryn lost a couple of places on the downwind legs while Arthur decided that a swim was the order of the day, but sadly getting back on board was more about Nutcracker than Swan Lake and he subsequently retired on manhood grounds. This left Sam and Martin up front followed by Kathryn and Peter.

Race 3 saw a drop in the wind after tea but Arthur was not fit to race again citing pain and age as a good reason to stay onshore, the four all got a good start with positions swapping up the shifty beats Sam took a lead with everyone else trying to catch him. Peter eventually got close but not near enough to pass, Martin and Kathryn bringing up the other two places. Kathryn said afterwards that Kevin had suggested that she should stay near the back of the fleet to get some good video footage, for the forth coming film!!

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1415Sam DavyHykeham2
2446Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton4
3436Peter FiskLlandudno6
4435Kathryn HayfieldDelph7
5448Arthur ThaineHickling Broad9

Report: Peter Fisk. Photos: Blithfield SC

Solutions at Blithfield Sailing Club
Solutions at Blithfield Sailing Club
Solutions at Blithfield Sailing Club
Solutions at Blithfield Sailing Club


Despite the lousy weather forecast, 13 sailors made their way to Bala Sailing Club on 24/25th May for the Solution Inland Championships, sponsored by Ovington Boats.

Saturday blew harder than the forecasters promised, suiting the windy weather specialists and Sunday gave the light airs aficionados their turn in the spotlight. Whilst Nathan Batchelor showed the fleet why they should attend his pre-Nationals training day in July by taking an unassailable lead in every race, the rest of the fleet enjoyed some of the closest racing to date. Nathan elected to sit out the final drifter of a race which gave Ian Walker the opportunity to take final line honours.

Thanks go to Bala Sailing Club for putting on a great event and to Ovington Boats for the generous prizes.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1454Nathan BatchelorTynemouth5
2446Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton15
3448Arthur ThaineHickling Broad16
4453Kevin ClarkDelph25
5449Karl MilfordSouth Shields25
6435Kathryn HayfieldDelph25
7452Ian WalkerSaltash30
8440John MorrisonRhosneigr31
9410Niall GrahamSouth Shields35
10436Peter FiskLlandudno42
11451Paul HargreavesBurwain45
12437Mark CrowtherRedditch47
13437Paul WelshBala59

Report: Kathryn Hayfield. Photos: John Hunter Bala SC

Solutions at Bala Sailing Club
Solutions at Bala Sailing Club


Oxford Sailing Club provided the location for the second event in the Solution Travellers Series. This was a new club for the Solutions and the event was the first for a few new Solution sailors. Nine boats in all arrived from far and wide, to conditions that were very different from Leigh & Lowton four weeks previously, a light easterly which was just pushing the University Fireflies around the lake.

Because of the conditions Kev Clark decided he might get overpowered and lent his boat to Mike Trueman from Oxford. The OD set a trapezoid course, which was easy to sail, generally because you only have to turn left. Praise must go to the OD and his staff for the courses they set in very difficult conditions. The first race saw Nathan Bachelor and Mike Trueman get away from the fleet with them crossing the line in that order, followed by Mitchell Campbell just piping Mark Crowther for third on the line followed by the rest of the fleet in quite tight order.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1453Mike TruemanOxford3
2454Nathan BatchelorTynemouth3
3437Mark CrowtherRedditch7
4435Kathryn HayfieldDelph9
5428Mitchell CampbellFelpham11
6448Arthur ThaineHickling Broad11
7424Julian HinesNetley14
8446Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton14
9444Alun GriffithsOxford18

A break for lunch saw the wind die and then pick up. The second race was postponed to allow the wind to settle back on a similar course to the first. The next two laps saw big wind changes, nearly everyone take the lead at some point, sailing backwards and a few pile ups at the marks. The wind was so variable the last lap was spent beating the entire way round. Through all the turmoil Mike Trueman was able to get away pursued by Nathan Bachelor and Mark Crowther, holding their positions to the end.

The third race was abandoned ending this rather frustrating day on a great piece of water, hopefully one that the Solutions will visit again.

Report: Mark Crowther

Leigh & Lowton

8 Solutions convened at Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club on 28 & 29 March for the first event of the 2014 Travellers Trophy.

Saturday started with a morning of race training led by Dave Eccles to give the fleet some practice before the afternoon's racing. Kevin Clark showed his speed in heavy winds (or merely took advantage of the fact that the rest of the fleet were worn out from the morning's training) by posting 2 bullets in the lively conditions. Paul Hargreaves, a new face in the Solution fleet, showed promise of competition to come by earning 2 second places.

Sunday dawned with lighter winds and a change to the front of the fleet. John Morrison, who struggled with Saturday's breeze, led from start to finish in all 3 of Sunday's races. There was a lot more place changing throughout the rest of the fleet but Kevin Clark and Paul Hargreaves both stayed up near the front to make it all to play for in the final race. Kevin managed to squeeze a 2nd place which was enough to take first overall. Paul's consistency gave him 2nd and John managed to finish 3rd even counting a DNC.

Thanks go to Leigh & Lowton for putting on a great event and to Dave Eccles for getting up early to give some training.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1453Kevin ClarkDelph8
2451Paul HargreavesBurwain9
3440John MorrisonRhosneigr11
4446Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton16
5436Peter FiskLlandudno18
6435Kathryn HayfieldDelph20
7448Arthur ThaineHickling Broad20
8452Ian WalkerSaltash27

Report: Kathryn Hayfield. Photos: Paul Allen LLSC

Solutions at Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
Solutions at Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
Solutions at Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
Solutions at Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
Solutions at Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club