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The Solution is an exciting modern single handed hiking dinghy designed to provide exciting but managable sailing for helms in the 65 to 100kg (10 to 15.5 Stone) weight range. The light epoxy hull, self draining cockpit, modern high aspect rig, semi battened 8.5 sq. metre sail, and full complement of dual controls make the Solution a well designed dinghy catering for both aspiring and experienced helms alike.

The class is a strict one design; all hulls are a high tech foam sandwich epoxy vacuum bagged construction. This ensures the hulls are identical, very light and have a long competitive life; early Solutions are still winning races. The hull, sails, rig and foils are a strict one design to control costs and ensure a supplier arms race is not allowed to develop. Considerable freedom is allowed in the placement of fittings to allow boats to be tailored to personal preference.

The masts are a sealed section with a halyard running inside the track to help prevent inversion on capsize. The mast has single spreaders and lower shrouds to allow adjustment for different helms and conditions. The forestay is adjustable to allow easy depowering in conjunction with a cascade style kicker. A pivoting centreboard & rudder make launching and recovery straightforward and their moulded glass fibre construction ensures strength.

The laminate sails are available in two cuts to suit different sailors and a 10% smaller sail is also available for lighter helms and/or heavier winds. Sails are made by Morgan Sails. Designed by sailors for sailors the Solution features a fully draining cockpit and wide side decks for comfortable hiking. It rewards technique and finesse rather than physical strength and agility.

The Solution dinghy was designed and developed in 2005 by Kevin Clark and Andrew Elliott for sailors who want a modern single hander but are too light for a Phantom. Originally sold and marketed by Red Eye Sails, the Solution was supplied and supported by Ovingtons for many years and is now built and supported by JJ Boats in Diss Norfolk. The Solution Class Association is pleased that JJ Boats sources parts and materials from UK manufacturers as much as possible.

If you like the sound of the Solution and fancy a Trial/Demonstration Sail contact us by .


Length 3.9m (12ft 10")
Beam 1.75m (5ft 8")
Hull Weight 56kg (123lb)
PN Yardstick 1096 (2023 RYA Portsmouth Yardstick)
Sail Area 8.5 Sq. Metres
Mast 5.9m