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The story of the Solution Dinghy so far

In 2005 Kevin Clark couldn't find the dinghy he wanted to sail and so he built his own! Kevin had previously sailed Phantoms and grew to love it, but it is too powerful for sailors of small and average build. He wanted something similar but smaller, lighter and more manageable. The design brief was:

Ovingtons manufactured the early hulls and in 2008 they took over the production and distribution of the Solution from Red Eye Sails. At this time a number of cosmetic changes were made, but these have not affected the one-design ethos and the older boats continue to be competitive. The boat was also renamed from Red Eye Solution to simply Solution.

In 2022 production and distribution of the Solution moved to James Jarvey at JJ Boats. The one design "affordable quality" ethos has been maintained although a few changes have been made, including:

The first prototype wooden Solution under construction

Wooden Solution
Wooden Solution

Kevin and Andy's first sail in the Solution

Kevin's first sail
Andy's first sail