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The Solution has been reviewed by several UK sailing magazines:


“Sailing out through the surf reminded me of the responsiveness that comes from a light, stiff boat built in modern materials: I have spent too much time recently sailing mass production boats!”

Mark Rushall, Team GBR Paralympic coach, SB3, Ultra 30, Laser 5000, 1720, Lark & Firefly Champion!

“The Solution is the most balanced single-hander I’ve ever sailed. After sailing a 470 it’s been a delight to find such a well-balanced boat with an adjustable rig- it’s a world apart from the slog and weather helm encountered when I had a Laser. It’s a joy to sail a single-hander after the hassle of getting keelboat teams together.”

Nathan Batchelor, ex 470 Olympic development squad, J/24 European & National Champion, Solution National Champion

“The Solution feels very stiff afloat- more akin to a custom boat than a production one. The fittings seem top quality and the layout is well sorted.”

Alex Knight, Boat builder with experience at McConaghy Boats, Rondar Boats and Richard Woof Marine. Top 10 at International Moth & International 14 World Championships

“The Solution is a really fun boat to sail, and equally important there is a great crowd of people sailing them.”

Simon Clarke, Sailmaker at One Sails / Parker & Kay