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2023 Results

Unfortunately Great Yarmouth & Gorleston was cancelled due to strong winds, and so the Nationals were moved to Lee on Solent. The winds at Felpham were generally light, but Lee on Solent was the opposite with 30 knot gusts across the Solent. The inlands at Leigh & Lowton were also sadly abandoned due to no wind. This means the travellers series was decided on just the two events, with Richard Gibbon the worthy winner.

Sail No.HelmClub Felpham Lee on the Solent
464Richard GibbonLee on the Solent1341
470Kevin ClarkLee on the Solent3252
456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton2573
469Mark FoxLee on the Solent510154
408Ian MorganWarsash1185
455Jon StewardLee on the Solent4216
455Kathryn ClarkLee on the Solent4216
417Mike DavisCalshot6238
405David CraddockThorney Island6238
407Colin SmedleyCalshot72410
431Tony LordFelpham72410
466Keith FisherCalshot82512
439Ian KingFelpham82512
414Mark JacksonLee on the Solent92614
463Peter BlackmanBurghfield102715
450Steve SherwoodWarsash102715
Sail No.HelmClub Felpham Lee on the Solent

Lee On The Solent Nationals

Sponsored by JJ Boats.

After a complete blow-out at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston SC when we first tried to hold the Solution National Championships, the re-scheduled event at Lee-on-Solent SC on 12 & 13 August attracted a dozen mostly local boats, coming from the home club, Calshot, Warsash and Burghfield. Martin Tubb was the only long-distance visitor, making the long trek from Leigh and Lowton while others from further afield were put off by the once-again forecast high winds.

Those predicted high winds came. By midday Saturday the breeze was up, with gusts later reaching over 30 knots and a challenging sea state; the decision to race was hanging in the balance. Launching conditions were tricky with a South Westerly blowing onto the shore. The go ahead brought 6 Solutions to the start line for race 1. Kevin Clark opted to take a dip just before the start leaving him late to cross the line; his exit from the boat was superbly captured on his GoPro, and can be see below for your entertainment.

Ian Morgan quickly established a strong lead from the biased pin end and never let go and this continued to be the pattern for the rest of the weekend. His was a dominant performance of heavy weather sailing par excellence. With Kevin out of the running on race 1, Richard Gibbon leaned into second place with Jon Steward in close pursuit and Martin Tubb was never far behind showing great form offwind throughout the event. Richard abandoned his second place by swapping a sausage for a triangle, but still managed a third. Jon’s second place was a great result for a newcomer to the class. Conditions became brutal and further racing was cancelled; tea, cake and warmth awaited.

Sunday brought brisk conditions initially but the wind continued to build. Three races were completed but by 1 o’clock it was roughing up again and a potential fourth race was cancelled. Morgan and Clark finished 1,2 respectively throughout the day, with Kevin pushing Ian hard upwind. None could challenge the dynamic duo, although Gibbon was close on Clark in race 3 until an unruly yacht under power steamed into him breaking the grip of a lee bow on Clark. Mike Davis scored two thirds in races 2 and 3, bettering Gibbon on the screaming reaches before retiring from race 4 having proved his mettle.

The Sheepdog Trophy is awarded to the sailor who finished last having completed all the races and usually is a tail-ender with the responsibility of shepherding the fleet around the course. However, this year it went to 4th place Jon Steward from Lee on Solent, indicative of the number of retirees and DNC's thanks to the challenging conditions. The Ted Funnell Memorial Trophy was awarded for the mid-fleet 6th place to Mike Davis of Calshot. Third place usually only attracts the privilege of writing the race report, but this year a prize was also awarded, as Richard Gibbon won the masters trophy for being over 55. A comfortable second place went to Kevin Clark, another Lee on Solent homey; despite some difficulties staying upright on Saturday, he finished with a creditable three straight seconds after discarding the previous day’s pain. Line honours went to the smoking gun of Ian Morgan of Warsash Sailing club, with a fully loaded chamber of bullets and retaining his title from last year.

Well done to all who made it round the course in one piece and lived to tell the tale. One of our close cousins in the concurrent Phantom open was less fortunate, dismasted with a ripped up deck, testifying to the toughness and seaworthiness of the Solution.

Thanks to the race team and all at Lee on Solent who managed to make the event happen in such challenging conditions.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1408Ian MorganWarsash3
2470Kevin ClarkLee on the Solent6
3464Richard GibbonLee on the Solent10
4455Jon StewardLee on the Solent13
5456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton14
6417Mike DavisCalshot15
7407Colin SmedleyCalshot18
8466Keith FisherCalshot23
9414Mark JacksonLee on the Solent25
10469Mark FoxLee on the Solent39
10463Peter BlackmanBurghfield39
10450Steve SherwoodWarsash39

Report: Richard Gibbon Photos: Kathryn Clark

Solutions at Lee on Solent
Solutions at Lee on Solent
Solutions at Lee on Solent

Kevin missing his toe straps and falling out at the start of race 1!!

Solutions at Lee on Solent

Why Kevin Clark didn't beat Ian Morgan in 3 easy lessons:

Felpham Regatta

We’d like to start this report by saying that Felpham SC welcomed the Solution fleet once again with wall-to-wall sunshine, perfect breeze and champagne sailing conditions. Unfortunately, the wind that they’d ordered was delivered late, only arriving in time for the last race. Nevertheless, the club put on a fantastic open meeting and the final race was as good as it gets weather-wise, leaving everyone with smiles on their faces. Race officer Richard Bentley and his team did a sterling job to get 6 good races in given the challenging conditions. Even the local fishermen were supporting the Solution fleet, marking their lobster pots with a friendly Solution fish.

In terms of racing, Martin Tubb took a dominant lead and was virtually untouchable in the first two races. By race 3, newcomer to the fleet Richard Gibbon decided he’d had enough of being polite and decided to take a turn at the front instead. Behind Martin and Richard, the racing was very tight with places changing all over the place. Come Sunday morning, Richard once again took line honours making it 2 firsts apiece and the title to play for. In race 5, Kevin Clark, sporting a new flat-cut sail, decided he’d had enough of these lightweight leaders. After spotting a left-hand shift in the light and flukey breeze, he took the lead from Richard and Martin and managed to just sneak his way around the bottom mark before a major windshift turned the rest of the race into a procession. With Kevin Clark not just completing a race in light winds but actually winning it as well, the fleet started to worry that hell had finally frozen over.

There wasn’t much time to worry though, as the major windshift foretold the arrival of the breeze and with all to play for in the final standings, the last race was completely different to the previous 5. Kevin once again took the win, which meant the top 3 each had two 1sts and a 2nd with four races to count. Richard’s other result was another 2nd place, Martin was counting a 3rd and Kevin’s next best result was 4th meaning they finished overall in that order.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1413Richard GibbonLee on the Solent6
2456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton7
3464Kevin ClarkLee on the Solent8
4455Kathryn ClarkLee on the Solent15
5469Mark FoxLee on the Solent16
6405David CraddockThorney Island25
7431Tony LordFelpham28
8439Ian KingFelpham30

Report and Photos: Kathryn Clark

Lobster Pot at Felpham
Solutions at Felpham
Solutions at Felpham