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2021 Results

3 excellent events were completed following the Covid pandemic, in predominately light to moderate breezes.

The travellers series was scored on the best 3 results, making the consistent Jack Turnbull the overall winner.

Sail No.HelmClub Felpham Burghfield
419Jack TurnbullRedoubt154101
443Peter BlackmanBurghfield2411172
456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton3610193
455Kathryn ClarkLee on the Solent5715274
463Josh HamerGlossop11225
413Iain WilkinsonLeigh & Lowton27296
458Kevin ClarkLee on the Solent46307
462Richard BrownGreat Yarmouth & Gorleston39328
396Paul FieldBenfleet69359
431Tony LordFelpham7144110
432Kathryn Partington-SmithGlossop24211
391Joe CrabbGreat Yarmouth & Gorleston34312
392Mike GowerHickling Broad54513
416Stuart JonesHooe Point84814
429Rob MainPembrokeshire YC84814
457Bill BrooksFelpham84814
439Ian KingFelpham94917
409David BriefGreat Yarmouth & Gorleston125218
438Tim ClarkeArdleigh135319

Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Nationals

After a grey forecast leading up to the weekend, 15 Solution sailors turned up to a sunny Norfolk coast for the 2021 Solution Nationals hosted by Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Sailing Club.

Much to the trepidation of the pond sailors and sea sailors alike the first task of the day was getting into the sea. With F3/4 dead onshore and the launch scheduled at low tide, getting off the beach through the shorebreak and surf would be a test in itself. Fortunately a team of GYGSC members were on hand to lift each boat in, add the sailor and give them a shove between the waves to send them on their way, whether they were ready or not. The North Sea was on form offering the full sea sailing experience with unusually large swell, some chop and flowing tides. The course of choice for the class this year was a P course, which gave the sailors a chance to test every point of sail.

Race One got away cleanly with Josh Hamer claiming his first of many bullets, with Kevin Clark second and Joe Crabb in third sailing the very first (of two) boats Kevin Clark had built in 2006 when starting the class. An impressive swift recovery from a capsize saw Kathryn Partington-Smith get back to 4th. Race Two saw Josh with another win, followed by Jack Turnbull and Joe in third.

Race 3 saw Josh step aside for Jack to take the win with some impressive upwind speed, with Josh second and Kathryn third. Lots of surfing waves and long reaches gave for some exciting sailing with surprisingly few capsizes.

The next job was to get back on shore safely with the surf still rolling onto the leeshore. Sailors queued up taking it in turn to sail downwind directly at the brave GYGSC members who were standing waist deep in the surf ready to catch and turn boats head to wind and lift them out.

Once dry, there was a short AGM discussing exciting developments. This was followed by what could only be described as a banquet of food and drink put on by GYGSC at the sailing club enjoying beachfront views. As everyone hobbled/ stumbled back home, to their tents in the boat park or hotel, Josh was sitting in first, Jack second and Joe in third. During the evening Joe was to learn that the unwritten rule in the fleet was who finishes third and has to write the report!

Day Two was Day One 'lite', with 8 to 10 knots from the East. Launching and recovery was the same slick operation but less adrenaline fueled. The race officer opted for a Starboard rounding P course to work with the tide, this certainly stopped people getting stuck on the windward mark, but did make for some interesting boat on boat action at times.

Race 4 saw Josh and Joe OCS, they were kindly informed 200m up the beat and after ducking back tried their best to get back to the front pack, the calibre of the whole fleet was clear to see as gaining places once at the back was easier said than done! Kathryn took the win, followed by Iain Wilkinson and Mike Gower in third (sailing the second Clark-built boat).

Race 5 saw the two Clark boats leading the fleet with Mike leading Joe for the first lap, Josh's up wind speed shone through taking the win ahead of Mike and Joe in his usual spot, with the tide starting to kick-in across the race course many sailors were caught out and a lot of place changes were seen as a result. The final race saw another win for Josh, followed by Kathyn in second. Mike finished in third showing he clearly has form in the lighter winds and maybe a sea convert being a local sailor at the inland Hickling Broad SC!

Overall we saw a clear winner (taking the win even if you didn't give him a discard!) Josh Hamer who learnt his trade at GYGSC many moons ago now, from Glossop SC taking both the National Champion Title and the Masters Trophy. Kathryn Partington-Smith also from Glossop taking second, Joe Crabb from Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Sailing Club taking third along with writing the race report "award". The Ted Funnell Memorial Trophy for the centre of mid fleet went to Stuart Jones and a special shout out to Tim Clarke, winner of the "Sheep Dog Trophy" chasing getting everyone around every race.

Thanks go out to GYGSC which did a fabulous job at hosting some excellent courses set by the race management team, so many club members volunteered their time to catch and launch sailors on the beach in addition to providing rescue cover and preparing and serving the wonderful meals. Please do come and visit GYGSC; with prevailing south-westerly winds, the task of launching is rarely as exciting as it was this weekend. A personal thank you to GYGSC for having a club owned Solution and allowing me to take part in an excellent weekend of racing with it and thank you to the Solution Class for being so welcoming. Finally thank you also to all the competitors taking time to travel to Norfolk, a county that is beautiful but famously far from everywhere in the UK.

With such a friendly and sociable fleet, lots of sharing tips and improvements throughout the weekend made for some close racing all the way down the fleet with many sailors capable of getting to the front. The Solution is a wonderful boat to sail, I would recommend everyone try one out or persuade your club to buy one! It has the additional perk that the Solution has a very similar PY to an ILCA 7/Laser so you can enjoy fleet racing with them but in comparative comfort.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPointsWeight KgSail
1463Josh HamerGlossop673Flat
2432Kathryn Partington-SmithGlossop1472Flat
3391Joe CrabbGreat Yarmouth & Gorleston1862Full
4419Jack TurnbullRedoubt19Full
5392Mike GowerHickling Broad2072Flat
6458Kevin ClarkLee on the Solent2593Full
7413Iain WilkinsonLeigh & Lowton32Full
8416Stuart JonesHooe Point SC3280Full
9462Richard BrownGreat Yarmouth & Gorleston34Flat
10456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton4777Flat
11443Peter BlackmanBurghfield5475Full
12409David BriefGreat Yarmouth & Gorleston5674Full
13438Tim ClarkeArdleigh62Flat
14431Tony LordFelpham67Full
15455Kathryn ClarkLee on the Solent7510% Reduced

Report: Joe Crabb
Photos: GYAGSC

Solutions at Gorleston
Solutions at Gorleston
Solutions at Gorleston
Solutions at Gorleston


The forecast was for light winds and rain, no-one was expecting to have such great sailing event. A total of seven races were held in a shifting f2-f3 SSW breeze.

The Saturday race team set a course with a beat, reach and run providing plenty of opportunities for the nine sailors to take advantage of the wind shifts. The short start line gave little opportunity for anything other than starboards starts, making speed off the line critical. In race one all sailors bunched at the windward mark with Josh Hamer getting there first in his new Solution. As the race the progressed Josh managed to pull away with only Iain Wilkinson and local sailor Peter Blackman keeping in touch. This changed on the third lap when a big shift allowed Richard Brown and Robert Main to pass Peter and Iain on the penultimate beat. Richard took advantage to catch and pass Josh on the last lap, only to be passed at the last mark to take a second.

In Race 2 Josh Hamer again first to the windward mark and then caught a gust which allowed him to reach away from the chasing pack. Iain managed to keep in touch and put pressure on Josh up to the finish. Race 3 and 4 saw similar conditions but also allowed for plenty of place changes throughout the races. Those who missed the shifts and forgot to clear the weed lost out. Josh having scored four wins lead the event as we all enjoyed the evening at the pub.

Sunday was an early start, especially after a 4am fire alarm. The Sunday racing was just as close with everything to play for. With a different course which tested the sailors with light winds combined with 20k gusts, rain and sunshine. Josh and Iain battled for 1st and 2nd, 3rd place was open to four other competitors. Martin, Peter, Jack and Richard all had to wait until the prize-giving to see who had secured the 3rd spot. Margins over the finish line were tight often no more than half a boat length between the competitors.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1463Josh HamerGlossop6
2413Iain WilkonsonLeigh & Lowton12
3462Richard BrownGreat Yarmouth & Gorleston22
4443Peter BlackmanBurghfield24
5419Jack TurnbullRedoubt26
6456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton27
7455Kathryn ClarkLee On the Solent38
8429Rob MainPembrokeshire YC43
9396Paul FieldBenfleet53

Report: Richard Brown


Nine Solutions received a very warm welcome and joined the annual Felpham Sailing Club Regatta on 19/20th June for the first Solution open this year. The boats took to the water for two races on Saturday afternoon under an overcast sky and wind blowing 10-12 mph. Jack Turnbull (Redoubt), Peter Blackman (Burghfield) and Martin Tubb (Leigh & Lowton) were quick out of the blocks in Race 1 with the others in hot pursuit. Jack made it to the windward mark first followed by Martin and Peter as the front three pulled well clear of the rest of the fleet. Jack saw his healthy lead slowly diminish as Martin and Peter closed the gap, but Jack held on to take line honours with Peter a close second and Martin third. Kevin Clark and Kathryn Clark (Lee on the Solent) took 4th and 5th with newby to the class, Paul Field (Benfleet) a respectable sixth. Start line fortunes were reversed for Race 2, with Peter and Jack completely mistiming the start and finding themselves being spat out at the back of the pack, while Kevin, Martin and Paul headed the fleet. By the time they reached the leeward mark to start the second beat Peter had managed to overhaul the fleet and take a narrow (and short-lived) lead. Jack, Kevin, Paul and Kathryn all took the right side of the beat and pulled in front. As the wind started to die, Jack took the lead with Kevin second and Paul showing good boat speed to take an excellent third. Peter and Kathryn were left to battle it out for fourth and fifth with Kathryn holding on to fourth in a photo finish. Felpham provided an excellent Thai curry evening.

Sunday morning saw a steady onshore breeze and a light mist/drizzle as the sailors took to the water. Race 3 got off to a good start with Jack and Kevin taking a commanding lead, only for the race to be abandoned and restarted after the wing mark broke loose. As Race 3 got underway for a second time it was clear the wind was not going to hold out as it became a battle against a strengthening tide. Kevin Clark took an early lead up the beat but Peter and Martin came in from the port side. Peter tacked round but the tide took him onto the mark as Kevin’s dolcit tones rang out across the water “You touched that!” – who would have known those glasses gave Kevin X-ray telescopic vision to see the lightest of touch on the opposite side of the mark !? Martin capitalised on the situation and took the lead as Peter re-rounded, with Kevin and Jack coming up close behind. As the wind continued to die and the sun made everyone regret their choice of layers, Peter made the best of the tide and managed to overhaul Martin on the final beat to take the win, with Jack third and Kevin fourth.

After a warm break for an excellent lunch the wind filled back in and the fleet took the water for Race 4. Jack regained his mojo and took an early lead with Martin second, Peter third and Kevin fourth. The signs were not good for Race 5 as the wind started to die again. With the tide running it was all about who could get to the windward mark first. Jack and Peter both managed to slip round and let the tide stretch out their lead as the others battled the tide to make it round the mark. With the shortened course flag flying and barely a breath of wind remaining Jack, rounded the last mark narrowly ahead of Peter and took the inshore line towards the finish. Peter spotted a bit of pressure off shore and gambled to tack out into the tide. The gamble paid off, Peter picked up a bit of breeze and crossed the finish to take first as Jack struggled to find any wind. Kevin and Kathryn took third and fourth, with Martin fifth and Paul sixth.

As the boats came off the water, trays of cake were a pleasant surprise.

Thank you to Felpham for a warm welcome, great food and excellent race management in difficult conditions.

PositionSail No.HelmClubPoints
1419Jack TurnbullRedoubt5
2443Peter BlackmanBurghfield7
3456Martin TubbLeigh & Lowton12
4458Kevin ClarkLee On the Solent13
5455Kathryn ClarkLee On the Solent18
6396Paul FieldBenfleet21
7431Tony LordFelpham34
8457Bill BrooksFelpham36
7439Ian KingFelpham36

Report: Martin Tubb (well mostly Peter Blackman)
Photos: Tony Lord

Solutions at Felpham